How to Edit Your Supply List

Add a Title

Add a Note or Instructions (optional)

Add a Note or Instructions for the bottom of the list (optional)

On the second step, use the menu to add rows to your list.
Rows can be Categories, Items or Example Products.

Row Type   Examples
Categories Student Supplies, Shared Classroom Supplies
Items 1 Backpack large enough to fit a folder - no wheels
Example Products
Crayola Crayons, 24 count (52-3024)
$3.61 Est.

All are optional.

When you click the menu option "Add New Product" you will be presented with a list of common products.
Just set the quantity to one or more and then that Example Product will be added to your list when you click the "Apply" button.

If you want to add a product that isn't on the list, you can click the button:  
When you click that button you will be presented with a dialog box.
In another tab in your browser, find the product you want on
You will be using the following short-cut keys, or you can right click to get a menu with the same options.
  • Ctl-A - Select All
  • Ctl-C - Copy
  • Ctl-V - Paste

From the product page, click the URL in the address bar, select all and then copy.
Copy URL

Switch to your tab and paste the URL into the Product URL box.
When you press tab it will load the details from
Paste URL
Then click the Accept button to include the product on your list.

Continue adding Categories, Items or Example Products rows until your list is complete

When you are finished, click the Save button.

After saving, you can then click the Publish button where you can change your list's link to be more descriptive.