How It Works

Our home page has a link to our example lists. You can view a list or copy one of them as the starting point of your own list.

While editing your list you can select example products to add to your list from our "Common Class Products" list.

Any product found on can be added to your list by finding it on and then coping its link into your list on our site.

We then retrieve the information from and include the product's picture, details and link on your supply list. This ensures that students obtain the right items.

When viewing your supply list a button will be shown that allows parents to easily buy your example products from

When parents click the "Buy Now" button the example products are transferred to and are ready to be add to their cart. Parents can have them shipped hassle-free.

Your supply list will have a unique link that you can easily send out in an email or you can add it on your web site. You can also easily share your supply list link on Facebook.